build your team of content creators at a affordable cost and high volume

What would happen to your business if you could have your ideal clients watching your videos every single time they opened their social media?

And what if it didn't have to cost you hundreds of dollars per video?

Let me show you exactly how you can become a Media Company and create professional videos for only a few dollars per day.

There is a reason your social media marketing isn't paying off

is more than just hiring a video editor

The Media Company Maker is for anyone who wants to create content and elevate their branding without having to pay thousands of dollars to have daily content or wasting months trying to figure out a method on your own.
Right now, get lifetime access as a founder member for only $249 (Normally $2,495). Offer expires soon.

Let's face it, being on camera sucks...

Not only you have to overcome the fact that you probably don't like the way you look on camera.

But also you don't know how to make your content look professional.

You're not sure if the content you've been creating is even good.

And relying on hiring videographers every month is just way too expensive.

The exact process I use with my creative team to produce over 20.000 videos.

Not only you'll learn how to make good content.
but you'll learn how to use freelancers to make your content for you at a low cost

Learn more
  • 1

    Learn how to find topics that your ideal clients are looking for

  • 2

    Learn how to structure your video to be engaging and consumable

  • 3

    Learn How and When to hire freelancers and videographers

  • 4

    Team Training Videos for Editors, Graphic Designers, Social Media Managers and more

  • 5

    Learn how to set up and train your team to have your ads running for you.

Quality & results

If you need your content marketing done right, you have to work a team that has over 10k videos on our portfolio, millions of views and many millions in revenue from our videos.

traditional method

the media company maker

Videographers are expensive
Learn when you need a videographer and if you do, how much to pay them, what to ask for, and what to expect
Fiverr Video Editors are hard to communicate
Seamless system where you just upload the footage and the editor knows exactly what to do
Endless revisions and hard to track feedback
The best and most affordable tools that will make your workflow smooth and reliable
Consistency is very expensive. Posting 2x or 3x per week.
Easily produce more than 40 pieces of content every month.
No one engages with your content, it feels pointless.
Understand what makes content GOOD and what people want to watch
Time management is a nightmare
Easy system that you can run with your eyes closed

The only course to show you how to create affordable & Consistent content

Overwhelm your competition and control the perception of your prospects with daily content that talks directly to your ideal client's pain points.

And you don't need to spend thousands of dollars per month to have your own dedicated team with Video Editors, Graphic Designers, Copywriters, Social Media Managers, etc.

  • No Videography or Social Media necessary

  • Made for Service Professionals that want to brand themselves.

  • Leverage Inexpensive Freelancers

Even if they don't follow you they will see your content

Imagine if all of your past clients, your referral partners, your leads, and even people that don't even know you exist were seeing your videos every day. Even if they don't follow you or don't know you're on social media.

What would this do to your business?

Most likely your sales would explode, right? Learn how you can run your own ads for as little as a cup of coffee a day.

The Media Company Maker

Lifetime access



The equipment you need
When and how to hire your team
Use our onboarding and training videos


We have created more than 20.000 videos and we developed a system to make this easy and affordable.


Learn how to leverage your team to make sure you're all over the internet at all times. This is the Ultimate Top of Mind System

Access to the entire socialway team

We have created trainings for each and every freelancer that you'd hire so you don't have to waste a minute onboarding and training someone new.
And if you have a question, our team is available to help you solve those problems and find the best way for your team.

Tee DosSantos


Garon Atencio

Creative Director

Paola Marin

Project Manager

Alex Dufresne

Video Editor

Eric Pepper

Videographer and Editor

Kemuel Leao

Motion Graphic Director

Thom Dygert


Fabio Rodriguez

Video Editor

Andrea Gomez


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